Jan 14, 2020 - Gandhi Mentor for ACP's CEO, Subash Razdan-Chairman of Gandhi Foundation USA-receives KING Center "Dream Forward" Award

01/01/2020 - Our CEO submits Guest Column offer to Mark Waligore, Editor: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

October 2, 2019 - INVITATION - Gather & Celebrate Gandhi's exact 150th Birth Anniversary; Details

September 11, 2019 - ACP sends out Birthday Greetings to Dr. King's big sister, Dr. Christine King Farris, age 92, born 09/11/1927.

July 20, 2019 - ACP's CEO observes Man/Moon-HIStory with 50th ONE Giant Leap!

July 4, 2019 - ACP excited ATL-leaders (like Andrew Young) LOVE branding "Atlanta as City of Peace" ...see SaportaReport

June 4, 2019 - ACP's CEO observes 30th Year of Tiananmen Square via article: 'Dining with Dictators'

May 30, 2019 - ACP's CEO publishes thoughts on "Einstein 100 Years Ago"

March 1, 2019 - In support of Women's History Month-2019, ACP's CEO publishes "ATL Proclamation"

January 25, 2019 - INVITATION to "Women As Peace Drivers" event

Jan 01, 2018- ATL Journal Constitution (AJC) receives Opinion Column for Global Family Day

Views 2014-18
Atlanta: City of Peace- Updates & Views (
Years 2014-2018).


UNITING leaders to define Atlanta's True Destiny (see AJC Guest Column offer).

INVITATION: "Coretta's Global Peace Garden" seeks Co-Founders & Petition Supporters + musicians for hosting concerts: Press Release here.

"PeacePop" New Year's Eve Celebration (2020-2021)

The Global Peace Museum (GPM) will propel Global Citizenship, Justice and Peace by educating us about our Global Family's advancements in teamwork, tourism, trade, and travel. 

Until the GPM Board is fully assembled, we invite everyone (local-global) to help develop this historic project with the GPM’s developing Board of Advisers and Trustees, as well as ACP’s wide spectrum of inspirations, advisers and ambassadors.

"Gifting a Global Capital of Peace to our Global Family!"

We have a dream that Atlanta will be transformed into a Global Capital of Peace. INVITATION: Will you Dream with us/JOIN US?


MISSION: Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) is 'gifting' a Global Capital of Peace to our Global Family.

VISION: We have a DREAM and *PLAN. We feel that the true destiny of Atlanta, Dr. King's birthplace, is in being formalized into a Global Capital of Peace. SERVANT leadership is being taken to a whole new level. Mohandas K. 'Mahatma' Gandhi, Father of World's Biggest Democracy & GREAT inspiration to many MANY millions worldwide -- especially Dr. King -- tells you, and all, about a way or path to heal and move forward:
“The best way to find yourself
is to lose yourself
in the service of others.”

INVITATION: Welcoming all participants: YOU & everyone, young & old - from anywhere & everywhere - worldwide, to assist us in Atlanta's transformation. We are confident that Atlanta has the capability of growing into this global position of inspiration and we uniting volunteers from around the world who believe Atlanta can SERVE in this capacity.

SUCCESS: At some special time in the future, when our ecosystem is developed and "Atlanta: City of Peace" becomes formalized into a Global Capital of Peace, these particular benefits will flow into our global family:
  • Our city will inspire other cities worldwide to propel the ideals of 'Peace On Earth'
  • Our city will inspire cities worldwide to promote "Tourism: World's Biggest Peace Industry"
  • Our city will inspire other cities worldwide to educate about peace & nonviolence which will MITIGATE & HALT much future VIOLENCE
  • Our city will inspire other cities worldwide to become beacons of HOPE, HEALING and HARMONY for ALL, and for many generations into the future - even as Humanity adventures further out into Space: The Final Frontier.
CONNECT:  On Facebook or by emailing us: info [at] ATLANTAcityofpeace.org

FACT: We have had difficulties scaling up our audacious service dream (creating a global capital of peace) because we are still unfunded and without the help of professionals who know about fundraising. Can you refer a pro-fundraiser and/or dynamic philanthropist, civic leader or business leader? The speed at which we succeed is directly related to when we locate visionary donors.

- - - Our DREAM is to scale-up our mission - - -
In the words of Sam Walton, founder of Walmart,
with 2019 revenues of $514.4 + Billion,
"Capital is not scarce. Vision is!"

WANTED: We welcome YOU and courageous leaders (young & old, local-global) to become official co-founders with us. "Atlanta: City of Peace" is a huge DREAM and a great way to honor the widely-respected peace legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who is considered the most globally-productive peace movement protégé of Gandhi: Man of the Millennium (Years 1000-2000). We are'MINING' one of Humanity's greatest assets, and we have termed this asset:

"The Gandhi-King Global Peace Connection"

JACKPOT: Our Global Family has a figurative 'GOLDMINE' of a resource, but it is relatively unknown still. Atlanta: City of Peace has committed to locating dynamic leaders (from everywhere and anywhere) who will enjoy creating the process of 'mining' this huge asset with us... and for the well-being of ALL. Since late 2006, at our launch-party in the Sundial Restaurant (on top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza- "Tallest Hotel in the Western Hemisphere") we have formally invited numerous civic, government and business leaders (local-global) to become ACP key official co-founders. For example, in early 2007 we hand-delivered two of 8 original ACP Business Plans and invited participation from Mr. Andrew Young, former ATL Mayor & USA-Ambassador, and A.J. Robinson, President of Central Atlanta Progress (CAP). WE HAVE A DREAM and welcome / invite all.

DREAMS TO REALITY:  With courage and action, our DREAM can accelerate and scale-up quickly. The eventual 'Gifting' of a global capital of peace to our global family is a worthy goal that invites your participation and the help of everyone. At present, we are re-vamping our Board and seek a few nationally-ranked leaders in consulting, tech, philanthropy, fundraising, project management and/or capacity building. The ability to envision and emphasize our organization's and our city's historic possibilities (rather than focus on the common developmental circumstances that all organizations experience) is a PLUS!

*SPECIFIC PLAN: Transforming & formalizing ©Atlanta: City of Peace, Dr. King's birthplace, into a Global Capital of Peace is our DREAM that will eventually become REALITY. At some time, in the not too-distant future we will be able to succeed in our mission by connecting with courageous leaders and establishing great collaborations with dynamic consulting groups like Bain, Accenture or Bridgespan. We know they can help to effectively connect with the many Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, the 1000+ peace organizations of the world, plus many civic service organizations and corporations. Great News! Dr. Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate, already promotes Atlanta as a city of peace (Note: a formal comment by John R. Naugle, ACP's CEO, is found at the end of this 2014 Saporta Report article). Dr. Yunus remains a major inspiration to many millions worldwide, especially ACP. We hand-delivered a formal ACP Invitation to Dr. Yunus when he spoke in Atlanta on Aug 28, 2010 "I HAVE A DREAM" Anniversary (his decision pending). His photo is below, and on ACP's Facebook page.

Future collaborations with many leaders (local to global) will propel development of several major peace projects and many smaller peace projects. Securing great tech & web design, we will be able to network with many individual peace-builders (from everywhere). They will represent many types of organizations and corporations. Development of our many projects, large & small, will occur and we will also establish many collaborations to produce numerous inspiring events. With the engagement of, and the professional oversight of a nationally-ranked major accounting firm and CFO we will be able to file the papers for establishing and forming a legal, official and robust 501c3 with the US-IRS so our peace ecosystem will provide needed tax benefits for major donors. Do you have referrals, connections and ideas for providing assurances to dynamic philanthropists who will eventually fill a huge development fund for our Mission and projects. It is appropriate that we dream BIG in the birthplace of Dr. King? Please send them to us. Thank you.

: Will you be a key official co-founder and co-creator for Atlanta: City of Peace... a future global capital of peace? Are you saddened with all the violence in the world? Do you want to propel hope and the dream of Peace on Earth? Then d
evelop our legacy project with us. We are an early-stage secular and interfaith organization that is a new Think Tank. Our "Think Tank" welcomes all; young & old, local or international. Through all our projects, large or small, we help everyone to celebrate the life they've been given and to excel in their responsibilities by promoting important virtues like courage, peace, love, health, hope and happiness. Each of our many peace initiatives are evaluated for organic fit among our three brand pillars:

LEARNING about best practices, innovations and expressions of peace  

HEALING heart, mind and body to become a stronger vessel for peace 

CELEBRATING peace & life with gratitude and help from our local and global family

Connect on Facebook or by emailing us: info [at] ATLANTAcityofpeace.org


YOU & All to propel PEACE worldwide...