"Atlanta has a great significance...Visionaries such as Mahatma Gandhi and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. have shown us that successful changes can be brought about nonviolently. I believe that, at the basic human level, most of us wish to be peaceful." 
-His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, Presidential Distinguished Professor at Emory University

"Atlanta has a heritage with universal significance which provides the foundations for a world of peace and justice."
-Dr. Peter van den Dungen,
The International Network of Museums for Peace

"We fully support the mission of the Global Peace Museum (GPM). Their goal of securing the retired space-shuttle ATLANTIS as GPM's cornerstone exhibit was audacious."
-Louis D'Amore, Founder, International Institute for Peace through Tourism

"Atlanta: City of Peace has an opportunity to magnetize peace consciousness...May Peace be in Atlanta and from Atlanta may it spread the world over!"
Fumi Johns Stewart (NY) Executive Director- World Peace Prayer Society

Until the GPM Board is fully assembled, we invite everyone (local-global) to help develop this historic project with the GPM’s developing Board of Advisers and Trustees, as well as ACP’s Team of Inspirations.

One of our distinguished advisers, Dr. Peter van den Dungen, is the General Coordinator for The International Network of Museums for Peace. The GPM became the 83rd peace museum of the world and now connects to the 82 others through which we will collaborate and exchange exhibits. 

ATLANTA: City of Peace is uniting with peace-builders around Georgia,
around the USA and from every part of our Global Family worldwide... 

The Global Peace Museum (GPM)

The Global Peace Museum celebrates the goodness of our Global Family.


The Global Peace Museum (GPM) is an Atlanta: City of Peace (ACP) project which will especially focus upon the many positive things going on around the world and within our Global Family. Fact: The majority (most) of the sisters & brothers of our Global Family are very nice. The GPM will propel Global Citizenship, Justice and Peace by educating us about our Global Family's advancements in teamwork, tourism, trade, and travel. It will also help all to celebrate and promote the great peace legacies of Gandhi & Dr. King, two of the world's most admired peace-builders

NOTE: In advance of developing an actual GPM bricks-and-mortar institution, we are first developing the GPM into: "The World’s Biggest Virtual Peace Museum." Nationally-ranked web design companies & consultancies are herein invited to contact us with proposals. We are in the process of planning/developing grand-scale and smaller GPM exhibit concepts. An integral component to all the concepts is promoting the idea that we are essentially one big & beautiful Global Family.


Building the GPM bricks-and-mortar institution anywhere in Atlanta will propel forward our city's international peace legacy. Fact: "ATL: The World’s Busiest Airport" (with 100+ million annual passengers) also propels tourism is the world's biggest peace industry. Our success probability is accentuated.

Our ideal location in Atlanta is 8-acres within this amazing new 165-acre development of Egbert Perry's Integral Group LLC, which is at the old GM Plant near 'Spaghetti Junction' near I-285 and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Verner Johnson. Inc., one of the world’s top museum design firms, is an interested contender in designing the museum, but we need a visionary philanthropist to make our DREAM become reality and claim naming rights. "Gates Global Peace Museum" is an example.

We have alternative location, a prime seven-acre plot, that is exactly between the airport and Georgia International Convention Center. This GPM site-option will be readily accessible by the ATL Sky Train and MARTA-Atlanta's rapid transit. You may see Verner Johnson's prospective design in this document; the first two pages of our feasibility study. We invite and welcome prospective designs from everyone and invite you to connect with us on Facebook too:
The Global Peace Museum (GPM).

YOU & All to propel PEACE worldwide...