ATLANTA: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) is a grassroots organization aspiring to partner with local, national and international peace-builders. In the coming years, our goal is to help Dr. King's birthplace fulfill its true destiny and become formalized as a Global Capital of Peace.   .

We are confident that Atlanta can inspire our Global Family for generations ahead and be seen as a cornerstone of inspiration for the Peace Millennium (2000-3000). We invite help in "branding" Dr. King's birthplace in this positive way.

John R. Naugle has many inspirations (like Dr. Yunus & Andrew Young; above), and an inspiring track record of experience. From managing the largest branch library (of 11) for the CDC, to serving on the Board of Directors for the Gandhi Foundation USA to volunteering for other non-profits in the Atlanta area, his perspective is useful when it pertains to the collective challenges we all face.

Note: The brand term ©Atlanta: City of Peace™ was created in 2004 and is owned by John R Naugle. The incorporated organization, by the same name, freely uses this protected term with his permission and with no encumbrances.

For many years, John has looked for ways to celebrate his Global Family, an early influence by his mother. This led to him being a Gandhi-King Proponent. In support of their legacies, he submitted this 2018 Guest Column to the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) for publication on Global Family Day 1/1/18. In 2017, he was a special guest speaker at the Gandhi Foundation USA's event for Gandhi's "Jayanti", plus this 2013 Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela. He also served as Master of Ceremonies for an annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration.

John has a BS Psychology from the University of Houston. A former resident of Marietta GA, he was active in community building there too.

ATLANTA: City of Peace is uniting with peace-builders around Georgia,
around the USA and from every part of our Global Family worldwide... 


Many months before the official term, our organization's name, was used in the 
"ATLANTA: City of Peace" Address (on December 11, 2006), or even registered with the Georgia Secretary of State (on 28 November 2006), our earliest leaders envisioned Dr. King's birth-city being transformed and formalized into a GLOBAL Capital of Peace. INVITATION: We welcome you and ALL to be key official co-founders with us...

ATLANTA: City of Peace is developing into a Think Tank
and we have three (3) Boards...

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Seeking courageous civic, government and business leaders
experienced in all facets of scaling-up community organizations.
Send ideas/proposals to: gtaran [at] ATLANTAcityofpeace.org

YOU & All to propel PEACE worldwide...