Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) is a grassroots organization aspiring to partner with local and international peacemakers. In the coming years, our goal is to help Dr. King's birthplace fulfill its true destiny and become formalized as a global capital of peace.

We are confident that Atlanta can inspire our global family and be seen as the cornerstone of the Peace Millennium (2000 – 3000). We invite help in "branding" Dr. King's birthplace as a global city of peace.   

John R. Naugle has a history of community leadership. From technology consulting for the Centers for Disease Control’s Information Center to serving on the Board of Directors for the Gandhi Foundation USA to volunteering for other non-profits in the Atlanta area.

John has always celebrated his global family, an early influence by his mother, and this led to him being a Gandhi-King Proponent. In 2013, he was a special guest speaker at the Gandhi Foundation USA's Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela. He also served as Master of Ceremonies for an annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration.

John has a BS Psychology from the University of Houston. A former resident of Marietta GA, he campaigned for mayor in 1993 & 1997.

Atlanta: City of Peace collaborates with individuals, institutions, and organizations to help us accomplish our global peace mission. 


We envision AtlantA Transformed and

Will you be a key OFFICIAL co-founder & COLLABORATOR?

President & CEO - Atlanta City of Peace, Inc. (ACP)
Gandhi-King Global Peace Proponent 

Board Member - Atlanta City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) 
Marketing Director for Georgia Music Industry Association, Inc.
Geri Taran
Board Member - Atlanta City of Peace, Inc. (ACP) 
CEO, Everyone Has A Story
Founder/Director - In The Company of Writers

Atlanta: City of Peace is revamping its Board
Seeking courageous civic, government and business leaders
experienced in all facets of scaling-up community organizations.

Send ideas/proposals to: info [at] ATLANTAcityofpeace.org


Adam "AB" Bloom- Tech Entrepreneur, Designer, Evangelist, Behaviorist; @adambloom
Alex Liu, PhD - Director, RM Institute Spiritual Capital Network, Los Angeles, California
Andre Sheldon, Director-Global Strategy of Nonviolence-For the Children, Newton, MA
Andrew Benson Greene Jr., B-Gifted Foundation - Freetown, Sierra Leone
Arti Singh Verma- Vice President, SunSmart Global Ltd. - Delhi, India
Ashie Hirji, VP Asita Informatica, Inc. Vancouver, British Columbia
Audri Scott Williams, Radio Host, Indigenous Voices, Atlanta: City of Peace
Axil Kollist, Founder World Peace Before 2021, Hawaii
Ayan Kumar Banerjee, Symbiosis Intl. University, Bangalore, India
'Bob' Robert Johnson, Development Director, The R.E.A.C.H. Campus
David M. Hazen, Director, Eugene: City of Peace, Oregon
Denise S. Brown - Design Activist & Social Designer, Atlanta: City of Peace
Deryk Houston, Peace Artist, Woodwynn Farms, Victoria, British Columbia 
Dr. Francesco Scordato, Director, National Monuments Foundation
Edson 'Soloman' Lima, Founder of ESL-Designs, Atlanta: City of Peace
Elliot Holden, Urban Guitar Legend, Atlanta: City of Peace
Fumi Johns Stewart, Executive Director, World Peace Prayer Society, New York
Dr. Gus Kaufman, Jr., Psychologist An Open Space, Atlanta: City of Peace
John Elliot, Diplomat, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC
Dr. Jon Kolkin, Fine Art Photography - Raleigh, North Carolina
Kanniks Kannikeswaran, Conductor-Greater Cincinnati Indian Community Choir
Kenneth A. Cutshaw, Interim President & CEO for Garden City Group, New York
Kita Williams. Founder, THEFFECT Media, Philadelphia Pennsylvania 
Łukasz Szozda, Animation Film-Pro, Warsaw Poland
Mustafa Ajmeri, PR, India Tribune, Atlanta: City of Peace
Myron W. Pourier, Great Great Grandson of Black Elk (1863-1950) Lakota Spiritual Leader
Norlyn Dimmitt, Empowering Collective Wisdom, Geneva, Illinois
Pete Boehm, Founder, Odigo Marketing, Atlanta: City of Peace
Dr. Peter van den Dungen, Intl. Network of Museums for Peace
Robert K. West, Railroad Illustrator - www.SteelRailsGallery.com
Rolando Godoy, Founder & Director for Compmunity Foundation
Sandra Hughes, Director Gateway Performance Productions, Atlanta: City of Peace
Shiva Vangara, Founder - The Golden Change Foundation, India
Steve Klein, Director, The Beloved Community, Atlanta: City of Peace
Travis Hawley, Founder- A Minute of World Peace, Seattle, Washington
Dr. Uma Majmudar, Professor & Author, "Gandhi's Pilgrimage", Atlanta: City of Peace
Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Chairman, Vision In Action, Charlottesville, Virginia


Adam Crane, Director, Crane Classic Music Society & Symphony for Peace
Alice Lovelace, National Lead Staff Organizer, First US Social Forum
Asha, Founder, Ashadance.com
A. V. Powers, Founder & Managing Partner, ExecPointe, LLC
Chisulo Ajanku, President, Uplifting People, Inc.
ChunMing Teoh, Lecturer- Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
Deric Gilliard, Author, "Unsung Heros Who Marched to Dr. King"
Donald Edwards, Esq., Board of Ethics & Producer ECAPC-TV
Durgalaxmi (Durga) Ramachandhiramani, The Myers Group
Edward Lollis, Global Peace Project Archivist
Fredando Jackson, Lead Pastor, Virtual Church
Dr. Frederic Simard, Malaria Scientist, Pasteur Institute, France
Heather Harvey, Instructor, Civil Rights & Dr. King
Jahangir Piara, Founder - Organization for Peace Development, Colorado
Jean G. Dominique, Prize Beatz 1, Atlanta: City of Peace
John D. James, President at Tuxedo Pool Service, Inc. (TPS)
Karthryn Kelton, Artist- Angel Art
Lucian Livescu, Founder- Youth for a Better World
Matthew J Longwell, Founder- Stoic Bucket List
Michael Shuman, Economist, Training & Development Corporation
Nick Demos, Founder, Museum of Neosymbolic Art
Paula Larke, Founder, Voices in the Treetops
Steve Leeper, Chairman, Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
Tobias Huber, Founder, The Gandhi Tour, Basel Switzerland
Dr. Uma Majmudar, Author "Gandhi's Pilgrimage of Faith from Darkness to Light"
Willy Seigel Leventhal- Founder, SCOPE, Alabama

YOU & All to propel PEACE worldwide...