YOU and all are invited to be co-founders for "Atlanta: City of Peace" and to assist in transforming Atlanta into a global capital of peace. 

We also seek social-media professionals who can assist in bringing great success to our new online petition for
Coretta's Global Peace Garden.

We welcome collaborators of all ages, genders, nationalities, races and religions to achieve our peace mission. We welcome peacemakers, professionals and students from all over the world. 

We have outlined several peace initiatives which fit within our "learning, healing and celebrating" brand pillars. Some of which are still within the idea incubation stage.

Learning About Peace 
Global Peace Museum
Global Peace Academy

The Library of Peace

Healing For Peace 
Gandhi-King-Ikeda Rose Garden (Morehouse)
Global Peace Walk
Coretta's Global Peace Garden
Neighborhood Peace Zones

Peace Meals

Celebrating Peace

Annual Peace Pop
Global Peace Concert
Global Peace Tower
Global Peace Flight
'Heartywood', Art with Heart

Atlanta: City of Peace collaborates with individuals, institutions, and organizations to help us accomplish our global peace mission. 


Collaborating with the Gandhi Foundation USA to
Support Gandhi-King Connection, plus upcoming
Gandhi 149th & Sesquicentennial (150th) Birth Anniversaries
(see event image/details at bottom)
Dr. King's 90th Birth Anniversary
[ Additional Intiative: Developing World's Biggest Peace Garden to Celebrate Mrs. King ]
SEEKING Bold Intl. Garden Design Firm for Historic Project:


Seeking dynamic participants: top artists, philanthropists and/or concert producer to shape our huge "Peace Pop" Concert dream into a memorable and historic inaugural global event. This project will grow into an internationally respected annual New Year's Eve celebration in the heart of Dr. King's birthplace. Got courage? Engage now.



Seeking a dynamic philanthropist to help us claim 8 acres of Egbert Perry's amazing 165-acre development to construct the Global Peace Museum (GPM) an Atlanta: City of Peace project which promotes the peace legacies of Gandhi & Dr. King. The GPM will also educate and inspire our global family about the advances in tourism, trade and travel as we all proceed out into "Space: The Final Frontier."

1) SEEKING Bold Intl. Garden Design Firm for Historic Project. "PLANT" world's biggest peace garden with us: "Coretta's Global Peace Garden". Also, 2) Dr. Lawrence E. Carter Sr., Dean of the MLK International Chapel at Morehouse College, and other chapel officials have welcomed our offer to lead development of the Gandhi-King-Ikeda Global Peace Garden.

The Global Peace Tower is an Atlanta: City of Peace project that will propel the global peace legacy of Atlanta. Great news! We sent our proposal to Ted Turner and offered to name Planet Earth's Architectural Icon for Peace, "Turner's Global Peace Tower" (see proposed design & name below). This new tower name will happen WHEN he accepts our proposal to be our lead developer (his decision pending). We have also invited "Ted"
and Morgan Freeman (see prospective vision below) to be ACP's Honorary Co-Chairs. Do YOU have ideas on how to effectively reach these great leaders, OR any $Billionaire? Please advise us. We are also inviting proposals from ANY philanthropist and every Real Estate Developer who would like to build the Peace Millennium's new architectural icon for the Earth.
INVITATION: Do YOU have ideas on how we can successfully engage Ted Turner & Morgan Freeman to be ACP's Honorary Co-Chairs (see proposed vision below)? IF so, please send the ideas and connect with us. As the image references, we also feel that ACP could become an ideal "project of" the Turner Foundation.

ACP's DREAM is to see Dr. King's birthplace transformed into a global capital of peace. Securing Ted Turner and Morgan Freeman's leadership to develop, among other projects, the proposed "Turner's Global Peace Tower" will significantly propel our huge DREAM (see prospective view -below- of HOW Atlanta's skyline can be amplified WHEN "Ted & Morgan" assist us.

Help us reach "Ted & Morgan"... NEW IDEAS ARE WELCOME!

"Ted & Morgan" are amazing brothers in our global family. They have excelled in COURAGE, the most important virtue, and positively shaped human history! Can YOU help us to reach them and connect with them? As "actors" they have played, respectively, "Captain Planet" and "God" so how could we do any better?

Our global family is full of siblings like Mohandas & Martin, Mother Teresa & Malala, plus Ted & Morgan who have taken the high-road and chosen to cultivate Courage, Peace and Love. They have also educated about taking the path of nonviolence. Help us to reach them, ok?

ATLANTA: City of Peace (ACP) welcomes ALL. How do you think your idea, product or service will benefit ACP's mission and DREAM?
How would you like to influence ACP's growth & success?
 Send your ideas: info [at]

Thank you for considering our invitation to become an official collaborator with Atlanta: City of Peace. The Peace Millennium looks brighter every day, especially as peace builders like you get involved with our projects. 
YOU & All to propel PEACE worldwide...